GIS & Parcel Data Downloads

Becker County is providing GIS and Parcel data available for download.

The GIS data files below, which represent 'layers' within our GIS system, are zipped packages containing ESRI® shapefiles. To make use of this GIS data, you would need specialized software that can read and display shapefile data. Becker County uses ArcGIS® Desktop and Server software from ESRI to work with our ever growing GIS system. For information regarding free lightweight GIS data viewers, visit the ArcGIS Explorer section of ESRI's website.

DISCLAIMER: THE DATA BELOW IS PROVIDED "AS IS" WITH NO GUARANTEE OR REPRESENTATION ABOUT THE ACCURACY, CURRENCY, SUITABILITY, PERFORMANCE, MERCHANTABILITY, RELIABILITY, OR FITNESS OF THE DATA FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Becker Co., MN, shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, compensatory or consequential damages or third party claims resulting from the use of this data, even if Becker Co., MN, has been advised of the possibility of such potential loss or damage. This data may not be used in states that do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages.

Parcel Data

The 'zipped' database file below is an Access database file that contains ALL the tabular information that is publicly available and displayed on our 'Parcel Information' system - everything from owners, addresses, land details, building details, sales, permits, etc. The database tables can, of course, be analyzed and queried in the Microsoft Access application, and individual tables can also be opened in Microsoft Excel. Also, for GIS analysis, tables from this database file can be joined to the Parcels GIS shapefile below for including additional parcel data.

GIS Data

Coordinate System for data files:
NAD 1983 State Plane Minnesota Central Zone FIPS 2202, Feet

File NameFile Date*File SizeDownload
AddressPoints.zip07/07/20243.8 MBDownload
blocks.zip07/07/2024800.8 KBDownload
corners.zip07/07/202483.6 KBDownload
county.zip07/07/202438.6 KBDownload
geomorph.zip01/18/2017577.7 KBDownload
hydro_line.zip07/07/20243.7 MBDownload
lakes.zip07/07/20243.2 MBDownload
land_use.zip01/18/201723 MBDownload
lidar_contours.zip01/22/20131.3 GBDownload
lots.zip07/07/20241.8 MBDownload
municipal.zip07/07/202430.7 KBDownload
parcels.zip07/07/20249.5 MBDownload
quarterquarter.zip07/07/20244.4 MBDownload
recycling_sites.zip07/07/20244.2 KBDownload
RoadCenterlines.zip07/07/20241.8 MBDownload
school_districts.zip07/07/202462.2 KBDownload
sections.zip07/07/2024379.3 KBDownload
soils.zip01/18/201732.5 MBDownload
subdivisions.zip07/07/2024686.1 KBDownload
townships.zip07/07/202466.9 KBDownload
watershed_mgmt_districts.zip01/18/201727.1 KBDownload
watersheds.zip01/18/2017232.1 KBDownload
wetlands.zip01/18/201746.4 MBDownload

*Data files that get updated most frequently will be automatically created and saved to this site every weekend. Data files with infrequent changes will be updated here as required.

Also available - LiDAR elevation data for Becker County. Visit the International Water Institute's map portal.