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Anyone Can Ride:
Monday-Friday 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Saturday 10:00 am to 2:00 pm

* To schedule a ride, call between the hours of 8:00am and 4:30pm Mon-Fri *

Passenger Assistance

General Information

Reasonable modifications of Becker County Transit's policies and procedure are available and can be requested to ensure access to service by persons with disabilities by calling 218-847-1674, or by emailing

Information about Becker County's Transit transportation services is available in alternative formats upon request.

Passenger Assistance

We will provide DOOR-TO-DOOR service to passengers with special needs. This means we will come to the door of your residence to assist you into our vehicle. (You must be at your door and ready to go).

Service Animals

All animals trained to provide a service are considered service animals. The animal is to be under control of the passenger.

Wheel Chair and Mobility Aid Securement

All wheelchairs and electronic scooters shall face the front of the bus. Handicapped riders are encouraged to transfer from mobility aid to bus seat if possible. If the rider remains in wheelchair, wheelchair will be secured with securement device and seat belts available on our vehicles. Riders using walkers or having problems can utilize the electric lift to access bus if they wish (ask driver). Stairways-Drivers will only negotiate one step when assisting rider in wheelchair. Household wheelchair ramps shall be inspected by transit supervisor before use.

Bus Rider Safety

Bus Rider Safety

All bus drivers are trained professionals with the utmost concern for your safety. You want a safe, clean, comfortable ride, as do your fellow riders. Be considerate and follow simple, common-sense rules.

  • Keep arms, legs, packages, and other personal items out of aisles.
  • No eating, no drinking, and no open containers on the bus.
  • No smoking.
  • No radios without earphones.
  • No roller blades or in-line skates.

The use of threatening behavior or vulgar language will result in your being asked to leave the bus. We will not transport unattended children under the age of four years. All children younger than 4 years must be in approved car seat. Becker County Transit does not provide car seats. We will not transport animals, other than service animals, unless in commercial travel crate and by prior arrangement. Hearing and Seeing Eye Dogs are allowed on all vehicles.

Rider's Guide & Fares

Rider's Guide

  • Schedule your appointments a day or two ahead of time.
  • Don't be a "No Show." Call us if your plans have changed.
  • Let the Dispatcher know if you have special needs.
  • Be aware that our buses will only wait three minutes at each stop before moving on to next pick-up.
  • Be aware that our buses will not wait at your stop but must move on to the next rider right away.
  • Riders who live more than 5 miles out of Detroit Lakes should give us one day's advance notice for ride.
  • Do not make ride arrangements with the drivers. Please call our dispatcher.


All riders are charged the same fare. The Transit fare is $1.50 per 5-mile increment, i.e., Audubon $3.00, Frazee $4.50.

Personal Care Attendants (PCAs) assisting passengers are not required to pay a fare. No fare is required for children in car seats.