Court Services (Probation)

Brian Rubenstein - MN DOC District Supervisor

The Becker County Court Services Office provides probation supervision services for Becker County juveniles and adult misdemeanants. In addition, the probation agents conduct pre-sentence and pre-disposition investigations for the court to assist them at the time of sentencing. The Becker County Court Services Office coordinates the Community Service Work Program for both juvenile offenders and adult misdemeanants and also offers a Diversion Program for first-time juvenile offenders.

As well, this office provides educational programming for juvenile offenders, including the Thinking for a Change Cognitive Skills Class, the Know More Alcohol Education Class and a Shoplifting Awareness Class. Additionally, this office assists in the facilitation of the Becker County Domestic Violence Program for adult offenders.

At present time the staff consists of three Corrections Agents and two part-time clerical support staff.