Permit and Application Fees

Site Permits
Cost is PER STRUCTURE (Attached structures are considered one structure).
Note: Permit fees may be calculated by square footage per County Board of Commissioners.
Item Fee
$0 to $2500 of Construction $50.00
$2501 to $5000 of Construction $75.00
Every $1000 increment after $5000 Additional $3.00
Cormorant Township Surcharge $25.00
Permit Renewal $75.00
How are Building Costs Calculated?
Costs shown are per square foot using 1998 rates.
Structure Cost
Dwelling Main Floor $50 per square foot
Dwelling add for Basement $20 per square foot
Dwelling add for Walkout Basement or Split Foyer $30 per square foot
Dwelling add for Loft or Additional Stories $30 per square foot
Attached or Detached Garage $20 per square foot
Garage add for Loft or Storage Area $20 per square foot
Storage Building $10 per square foot
Mobile Homes - New $35 per square foot
Mobile Homes - Used $25 per square foot
Modular Homes $50 per square foot
Relocated Homes $25 per square foot
Commercial Office / Retail Building $75 per square foot
Commercial Storage Buildings $10 per square foot
Decks, Open Porches, Landings, etc. $10 per square foot
Screened Decks / Screened Porches $20 per square foot
Sunrooms, 3 Season Porches, Finished Porches $30 per square foot
Fencing $10 per square foot
Patios $10 per square foot
Other Common Permits
Type Fee
Septic Permit; Agricultural or Residential $225
Septic Permit; Commercial or Industrial $300
Land Alteration Permit; Within Shore Impact Zone (over 10 cubic yards) $100
Land Alteration Permit; Outside Shore Impact Zone (over 51 cubic yards) $100
Recreational Vehicle (RV) Permit $75
Short Term Rental (VRBO) Permit $50
Mass Gathering (per event) $2000
Conditional Use, Variance, Change of Zone Permits
Item Fee
Agricultural or Residential $200
Commercial or Industrial $300
Cormorant Township Surcharge $25
Notification Letters for Public Hearings $2 per letter; $80 minimum
Recording Fee $46
Plats and Surveys
Item Fee
Preliminary Plat - Non-Shoreland $25 per lot; $250 minimum
Preliminary Plat - Shoreland $50 per lot; $350 minimum
Final Plat $100 plus $15 per approved lot
Final Plat Recording Fee $56
Final Plat Road Agreement $46
Certificate of Survey (without hearing) $75
Certificate of Survey (with hearing) $200
Cormorant Township Surcharge $25
After the Fact Permit Fines
Fines only; this does not include the additional cost of the permit.
Item Fee
Site Permit; Construction less than a $5000 value 3 times the original fee
Site Permit; For Construction more than a $5000 value 5 times the original fee plus $500
Septic Permit 3 times the original fee
Variance or Conditional Use Permit 3 times the original fee
Additional Inspection Fees
Item Fee
Mitigation Compliance Inspection (Requested by Owner, Realtor, or Bank) $100
Request, required additional, violations or other inspections $50
Re-inspection fee after the 4th inspection (each additional inspection) $50 plus mileage