Enjoy the quiet serenity of paddling one of our many lakes or rivers by canoe or kayak. The OtterTail River Sate Water Trail begins here in Becker County at Rochert as it winds it's way to Breckenridge, a 157 mile trip through beautiful Minnesota scenery.

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  • Otter Tail River Water Trail

    The Otter Tail River Water Trail is 157 river miles of Minnesota’s eighth-longest river. Located in west central Minnesota, this river is unique because it flows through three of four biomes in the state. The Otter Tail begins in Becker County in Elbow Lake, moves southerly and then westerly, first through the Coniferous Forest, then the Deciduous Forest and finally the Prairie Grassland biome. Paddlers enjoying this river will be able to see distinct differences between the biomes, particularly in the tree types and water color.

    The river encounters a number of lakes as it flows westward. It joins with the Red River of the North, at Breckenridge, which forms the Minnesota-North Dakota boundary. The Otter Tail River contains no major rapids.