ATV/OHV Trails

Motorized recreation is a popular activity within the woodlands of Becker County. Riders enjoy and utilize the extensive trail system for such things as site-seeing, berry picking, wildlife viewing, hunting and and numerous other purposes.

All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) and other Off Highway Vehicles (OHVs) can utilize the many miles of state and county forest roads and trails within Becker County using the following guidelines:

State Lands - The three State Forests in Becker County (Smoky Hills, Two Inlets & White Earth) have been classified as "Limited" by the MN DNR. Under this classification, all state forest roads and minimum maintenance trails are open to motorized recreation. All other forest trails on state lands are considered "closed" to motorized recreation unless signed to allow motorized activities. The hunting/trapping exemption allows motorized access on "closed" trails during certain times of the year and under certain circumstances. Please see the MN-DNR website for more details on OHV riding in State Forests.

County Lands - County managed forest roads and trails are "open" to motorized recreation unless specifically closed through the use of berms, gates, or signs.

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  • Forest Riders ATV Trails

    Becker County has over 60 miles of club-maintained Grant-in-aid ATV trails in the Smoky Hills and Two Inlets State Forest. The Forest Riders ATV Club Trails connect the communities of Two Inlets in Becker County with Park Rapids, Emmaville, and Lake George in Hubbard County. There is an extensive network of trails in the Two Inlet State Forest and a connecting trail south to the Smoky Hills State Forest. These trails predominantly follow forest roads and trails, and to a lesser extent, county and township roads. The Forest Riders ATV trails are in excess of 100 miles long; 60 of which are in Becker County.

    Contact Information:
    Forest Riders ATV Club
    Tim Eischens, Trail Administrator
    Phone: 218-732-5235