Environmental Policy

Sustainable Forest Management Policy

As the manager of public lands in Becker County, the Natural Resources Management Department operates on a commercial basis and is required to ensure that an optimal financial return is attained from the use of the forest lands managed by the department. At the same time the department also has a duty to the people of the county to maintain the recreational and other social values of the forest resource and to protect the long-term sustainability of the resource. Sustainable forest management is about striking a balance between economic, social, and environmental values in a manner that protects all of these values over time.

The Natural Resources Management Department is committed to the principles of sustainable forest management and will manage the lands in our care in accordance with those principles. We will establish a sustainable forest management system (SFMS) that will help us achieve our goals and be environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable. Through our SFMS we commit to:

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  1. Protect the integrity and longevity of forest lands under our management.
  2. Comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and voluntary guidelines.
  3. Acquire and maintain third-party certification of the Sustainable Forest Management principles.
  4. Plan and conduct forest management activities in a manner that:
  5. Promote and incorporate applied research and technology to improve sustainable forest management.
  6. Enhance public recreation values by providing opportunities for dispersed recreation on County lands.
  7. Provide public education on forest ecology, sustainable forest management, and the economic values of forests.
  8. Solicit public input on forest management plans, policies, and county performance.
  9. Communicate our performance to the County Board, employees, the public and other stakeholders.
  10. Contact local tribes regarding management activities within and adjacent to reservation lands and to solicit their input.
  11. Ensure the capability of our employees and field operators to perform their responsibilities with the highest degree of professionalism.
  12. Continually improve performance of the SFMS through regular reviews and audits.