Human Resources

Amanda Pachel - HR Assistant

Mission - Human Resources:

It is the mission of the Human Resource Department to provide and administer, to the County, the services of human resources and encourage, support and assist in developing strong and stable relationships with other county departments while facilitating the most efficient use of County dollars.

Statement of Functions - Human Resources:

  • Employee Relations/Consultation: Assists other county departments in areas of staff development, personnel issues, department organizational structures. The HR department is also involved in all labor relations including negotiations and grievance process.
  • Recruitment/Selection/Onboarding: The department assists the individual departments in recruitment and selection and onboarding of new employees to ensure compliance with County policies and regulations/laws governing employees.
  • Compensation and Benefits: The department administers, reviews, develops and recommends plan structures.
  • Policies and Procedure: The department reviews, updates, and/or develops and implements personnel policies and procedures.
  • Training and Development: The Department oversees the coordination of overall County training throughout the County.
  • Personnel Data Management: The Department oversees the collection, disbursement and management of personnel data.