Curbside Single Stream Recycling:

Single Stream in:

Single stream is now taking place in the Cities of Detroit Lakes, Frazee, Audubon, and Lake Park. Becker County's goal is to work towards a 60% recycling rate and singlestream helps to increase this volume of materials collected. It is good for recycling if ever increasing amounts of material are kept out of the landfill and sold in good clean condition to the remanufacturing companies that make new products from recycled material.


Do not place non-recyclable items, trash, food scraps or other banned items in the recycling containers. This could cause the entire load to be rejected.

Public Recycling (Big Blue Bins):

Metal-Plastic-Cartons - combined together in one bin!

  • Metal: Clean aluminum, tin, steel cans (no need to remove labels) and small pieces of scrap metal
  • Plastic: #1 through #7 product containers
    (YES yogurt and margarine tubs!)
    (NO plastic wrap, plastic bags, disposable diapers)
  • Cartons: Milk, juice, tetra pack boxes


Newspaper, office paper, phone books, magazines & paper-board (e.g. tissue, cereal & pop boxes)


Corrugated cardboard boxes
(NO pizza boxes or freezer food boxes)


Bottles and jugs - all colors
(NO windows & ceramic dish type)