(The video is a series of comments from local business people and community leaders. Each person is speaking on camera about living and working in Becker County, Minnesota.)

>> Mike Hutchinson, Co-Owner Lakeshirts, Inc.: We started our business in 84 when we were in college and we had a choice of where we set up. When I got out of college in 86 and we wanted to be in Detroit Lakes.

>> Larry Buboltz, Former Mayor of Detroit Lakes: I do feel that both the governments, the city government and the county government are really very aggressive about helping businesses expand and move forward.

>> Doug Froke, Detroit Lakes Schools Superintendent: The vacant Detroit Lakes superintendent's position was revered as probably one of the best out state jobs in the state of Minnesota. Its reputation was very positive and we viewed it as a real, real opportunity when we were able to land here as a family.

>> Steve Daggett, President Midwest Bank: So if I was looking at why I enjoy banking or why banking is good in Becker County is really the diversification. There's farming, there is manufacturing, there is tourism, but the other part I really think is big about this area is it's steady; it's solid and steady versus a roller coaster type of approach to the economy.

>> Doug Froke, Detroit Lakes Schools Superintendent:We really hone in on trying to get kids as prepared for their next life after they leave here as a senior, and we think we do a really nice job with that.

>> Tom Hansen, Chairman/Founder Zorbaz: My name's Tom Hansen, I founded Zorbaz back in 1969. School teacher here for four or five years prior to that, born and raised here, and live here now.

>> Mark Fritz, Co-Owner Lakeshirts, Inc.:Quality of life, outdoor activities, the lakes, I mean we're where everyone wants to come vacation. I mean to be able to live here in your vacation spot, and you know, how cool is that?

>> Tom Hansen, Chairman/Founder Zorbaz: The kids have a work ethic and they also have, in general we hire for attitude, and boy, they just come in one after another and right away we can see they just light up and that's what it's all about.

>> Don Skarie, County Commissioner and Business Owner: My name is Don Skarie, I raise turkeys and hydroponic tomatoes, and also for the last four years I've had the privilege to be a County Commissioner.

>> Hank Ludke, Mayor City of Frazee: Business climate in Becker County is great. The county and the cities are willing to work with you. We have a room to grow.

>> Amy Stearns, Executive Director Holmes Theatre/DLCCC: When we heard that they were building the community center we thought, gosh that town has to have some vision.

>> Carrie Johnston, President Detroit Lakes Regional Chamber of Commerce: Detroit Lakes, Becker County is a great place to live, work, play, stay, it's all of those.

>> Dan Berg, Owner Lakecrest Resort: For folks that are visiting, and we get people from all over the country, they just, they love the atmosphere, the energy, the woods, the water, all that we have to offer.

>> Peter Jacobson, President Essentia Health St. Mary's: Well, be prepared to be welcomed in a great way.

(Video closes with a graphic of the Becker County Logo, a tagline of "Be prepared to be welcomed", and contact information for the Becker County Economic Development Authority)

(EDA contact: Guy Fischer; phone: 218-846-7316; email: guy.fischer@co.becker.mn.us)