Economic Development Authority (EDA)

Cody Piper - Economic Development Specialist

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"The Becker County EDA will enhance the quality of life by promoting and developing housing & economic opportunities."

The Becker County Economic Development Authority (hereafter referred to as the "Authority") was established by resolution of the County Board of Commissioners in 1997 pursuant to the laws of Minnesota. The Authority was granted the powers and duties imposed upon an Economic Development Authority under MN Statutes 469.090 to 469.081. The Authority was also granted the powers and duties of a Housing and Redevelopment Authority under MN Statute 469.001 to 469.047 and was transferred the duties and responsibilities of the Housing and Redevelopment Authority of Becker County which had previously been established since 1978.

The Authority is governed by a seven-member board of Directors consisting of two County Commissioners and a Director representing each of the County's five districts. Each Director serves a term of up to 6 years which are appointed and approved by the Board of Commissioners. A current list of Directors can be found here.

The mission of the EDA includes improving the commercial and industrial tax base within the County, marketing the County for new business development opportunities, and promoting and maintaining a high quality of life in Becker County by encouraging affordable housing development and private investment through a collaborative effort with units of government and other interested organizations.