Jury Duty Information

Your jury service will last 3 months or 10 days of attendance, whichever comes first unless you have been selected to serve on a trial that lasts more than 10 days. During this three-month term, a juror's name is kept in the computer as part of a "jury pool" which consists of numerous jurors.

Jurors will not be reporting for service everyday or every week during your three-month term.

Jurors are considered "on-call" and only report when a Notice to Appear letter is sent with a specific reporting date. Letters are mailed about 10 days in advance to a group of jurors who are randomly selected from the "jury pool". This letter will indicate a phone number (218-846-5045) for jurors to call the evening before a trial, you will hear a message giving you additional reporting instructions. DO NOT leave a message as this phone number does not record in-coming messages.

Conflict dates for doctor appointments and vacations will be honored if the request is reasonable and timely. All requests must be in writing; they will not be taken over the phone. Please submit a written list of dates by mail as soon as possible or at least two weeks in advance of the appointment/vacation. Once you are summoned to a particular trial date you must appear.

Each juror will receive jury orientation the first time they report for service. Further information will be provided and questions answered at that time.

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