Emergency Management

Craig Fontaine - Emergency Manager

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  • County Presented With a "CODE RED" Hero Award

    The Emergency Communications Network (CODE-RED) has presented Becker County with a "Code Red" Hero Award in recognition of system use during the Callaway train derailment. Photo...  |   Letter...

Becker County Emergency Management is responsible for coordinating and implementing emergency plans involving biological, chemical, nuclear/radiological and natural threats, disasters and crisis situations.

We work with city, county, local, regional and state organizations as well as public, private and non-profit entities to ensure the safety and security of all citizens and the availability of emergency resources for all.

Special Attention for all Becker County Emergency Operations Teams and Community Health Partners: For up-to-date news and information on Transportation (details on construction, road closings, etc), Natural Disasters (details on area flooding, flood efforts, winter and summer storms, etc.) and Health Incidents (information on the latest flu season, health efforts, etc.), please refer to this website.