Family Based Services

Home Visiting Program

Home visits are offered to pregnant women, infants, and children to provide ongoing support. This program is available to all families residing in Becker County.

Nurse Family Partnership

Home Visiting Program for first time pregnancies. Focus is on healthy pregnancy and parenting through age 2 of child.

Healthy Families America: "Best Beginnings"

Home Visiting Program for non-first time pregnant women and newborns.

Maternal Child Health Services

All Becker County families with a newborn are contacted by a Community Health Nurse. A home visit will be offered to provide new parents with information on feeding choices, newborn cares and additional support.

Prenatal, Childbirth and Newborn Education

Educational support is offered to all residents of Becker County. Material presented is tailored to meet the specific needs including labor and delivery, breastfeeding, bottle feeding and newborn/postpartum care.

Breastfeeding Support

Telephone and home visiting supportive services for all breastfeeding mothers. More information...

WIC (Women, Infants, and Children)

WIC is a nutrition education program serving income eligible pregnant and postpartum women, infants to age one, and children to age 5. The program provides nutrition and breastfeeding education, health referrals, and vouchers for supplemental foods. More information...

Car Seat Program

Medica and Blue Plus have a car seat program for children under 2. Education and installation of the car seat are offered to any resident of Becker County.

Child and Teen Checkups (C&TC)

Child and Teen Checkups are offered to any Becker County resident under the age of 21. Checkups include: hearing and vision screening, developmental screening, physical exam, lead screening, immunizations and referrals to other health care providers as necessary. More info...


Infant, child and adult immunizations can be done at Becker County Community Health by appointment.

Follow Along Program

The Follow Along Program consists of a series of developmental questionnaires the parent completes and returns to Becker County Community Health. The questionnaire is scored and a letter is sent to the parent with the results. This program is free to all children in Becker County under the age of 36 months.

Family Planning

This program offers free confidential information on all methods of contraception. A physical exam with the physician of your choice will be provided. Participants are requested to donate a minimal fee.

Pregnancy Testing

Pregnancy testing is available to all Becker County residents for a minimal donation.

Health Promotion and Wellness Activity

Numerous health topics and wellness activities can be provided to various groups and individuals in Becker County.