Community Based Services

Long Term Care Consultation

Screening provided by a Public Health Nurse to determine appropriate home based plan of care versus facility placement.

Case Management

Ongoing communication with client, providers to ensure appropriate service delivery, medical follow through and client advocacy.

Disease Prevention and Control

Ongoing education, outreach and surveillance of communicable diseases under the direction of the Minnesota Department of Health.

Emergency Preparedness/Bioterrorism

Collaborative effort to address potential county-wide natural or manmade disasters and disease outbreaks.

PCA Assessments

Public Health Nurses assess eligible clients for services of a personal care assistant. This is a Medical Assistance program under Department of Human Services.

Public Nuisance

Community Health Nurses perform general public nuisance assessments and refer to appropriate governing agency.

Nutrition Education

Nurses provide nutrition education to various groups and individuals throughout the community to promote healthy nutrition and prevention of obesity and related conditions.

Flu Clinics

Community Health provides numerous public health flu clinics throughout the county.

NAPS Program (Nutrition Assistance Program for Seniors)

Community Health facilitates referral of eligible seniors for a monthly food distribution program.

Health Promotion and Wellness Activities

Numerous health topics and wellness activities can be provided to various groups and individuals throughout the county.